Zippo Lighters from the Vietnam War

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One of the icons of the Vietnam War is the Zippo lighter.  Sure they are wind-proof and guaranteed by the manufacturer to light every time – if it didn’t, it was replaced for free – perfect for Vietnam.  Everyone had one – even if they didn’t smoke cigarettes.  Next to a P-38 can opener, a lighter came in handy for lighting a heat tab or C-4 when cooking meals or making coffee in the field.

Tattoos are popular today and allow recipients an opportunity to “advertise” those things they feel strongly about.  Could be a picture, scene, saying or even foreign characters.  Back in the day, engraving Zippo lighters was the rave in Vietnam.  Every one of them was unique and “advertised” a bravado saying, homage to their units and reminders of those back home.

I had one with a saying, but have absolutely no idea what happened to it. …

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